Our first* gluten-free vegan cooking experiment

*Technically this is the second one (we had an impromptu GF-V veggie/noodle stir fry during my visit in September) but we are calling it the first official one

Gill and I had been meaning to try a gluten-free (for me) & vegan (for her) cooking experiment but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Three days ago she informed me that she had leftover pumpkin that needed to be used up (she had made pumpkin scones over the weekend).  We decided that this was a perfect excuse to experiment.

I have a very large sweet tooth so my thoughts immediately went to dessert.  I also have been know to have pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake for my July 7th birthday so needless to say I am a fan of pumpkin desserts in particular.  We looked around a bit and finally settled on a recipe I found on a cooking blog for PUMPKIN SPICE CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES:


The black cat sniffing the cookies in the post didn’t hurt it in the polls either.  We are going to try to replicate the picture with Dwayne when we are done.

Anyway, it has taken us three days to get around to the actual cooking of the cookies but it is finally here.  We also happen to be getting a pretty decent snowstorm right now but no matter, I ventured out in my non-all wheel drive, non-winter tire-d little blue Nissan Versa to make another trip out to Bulk Barn for the ingredients (typically a ten minute drive, today closer to forty – and meanwhile Gill was taking a typically 1/2 hour bus ride that took 2 hours).

But we both made it home safe along with our ingredients and got to cooking.

2013-01-16 20.15.20

We made pumpkin pie spice mix using a recipe from another blog:


2013-01-16 20.17.23

Then followed the rest of the gluten-free cat’s instructions:

2013-01-16 20.19.43

Almond Flour

2013-01-16 20.21.26

Pumpkin puree

2013-01-16 20.22.26

Coconut sugar

2013-01-16 20.23.19

Pumpkin pie spice

2013-01-16 20.24.00


2013-01-16 20.24.30

Baking soda

2013-01-16 20.25.01


2013-01-16 20.27.28

Coconut oil (slightly melted)

2013-01-16 20.29.28

Non-dairy chocolate chips

2013-01-16 20.32.17


2013-01-16 20.36.21

Bake on parchment paper

2013-01-16 21.41.12

And ta – – da!!!








Thanks gluten-free cat and pre-meditated leftovers.  Gillian, Dwayne, and I approve.  Slightly coconutty, not too sweet, and quite rich!  Tomorrow we will be taking in the extras for taste-testing by our lab members and I will report back (or have them post comments on here).



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2 thoughts on “Our first* gluten-free vegan cooking experiment

  1. Heather @Gluten-Free Cat January 17, 2013 at 2:06 am Reply

    I am laughing so hard right now! (I love that you loved the cookies.) But I ADORE that you replicated my cat picture! Priceless!! I think you made my day. Let’s make that my week! Ha!

  2. kerryco64 January 17, 2013 at 2:10 am Reply

    Thanks so much Heather! We loved your cat picture and are very much enjoying the recipe! 🙂

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