My new favorite coffee shop

2013-01-16 11.26.41I am sitting in my new favorite coffee shop right now – Just Us!  I was working on some reading for one of my classes but am taking a quick break to write this.  Although I have to confess that there isn’t much competition yet for being my “favorite” as this is the only one I have tried.  I am choosing to put Tim Horton’s in its own category (sort of like Wawa) so it wasn’t in the running.  But Gillian and my other lab/office-mates also like this one so I think it is a good one.

2013-01-16 11.35.16

Cafe au lait with caramel
a.k.a. poor man’s latte or wimpy latte (coffee and steamed milk rather than espresso and steamed milk)
I had to take a sip to prevent spillage and messed up the design a bit – keep that in mind when judging their coffee art

I had a hot tea here when I visited the school this past September, and have had my usual cafe au lait with caramel the next three times.  My advisors like to come here sometimes for meetings so two of those times were with them.  The other two were yesterday and today.  But I am going to try to not make a habit of it so I don’t spend all my money on coffee, like I did at Yeti’s grind in Vail (miss you guys!).  But yesterday I was really hungry and didn’t think I would be able to last for the whole hour long bus ride home – yes, I sometimes take the regular bus instead of the 30 minute express bus to save the 50 cents I would have to pay for the express.  Also the regular bus picks up right across the street from Just Us (so, close to my office) and I would have to take another bus or walk 20 minutes to get to where the express picks up.  So in the end it probably doesn’t make that much difference.  I’ll do another post on transportation here sometime.  But for now, back to coffee related things…

The other thing they have here which I was very excited about are gluten free treats (again, reminding me of Yeti’s and their delicious gluten-free chocolate zucchini bread, yum).  I’m not sure about the selection of baked goods here but one thing I’ve had a few times is a “Sun square.”  This is the closest I have gotten to gluten free baklava – rice pastry crust with honey and sunflower seeds – delicious!

2013-01-16 11.30.25 2013-01-16 11.35.26

And, like most coffee shops, free wireless internet!  I did have some trouble getting on at first but when I asked one of the employees about it, she immediately went over and trie2013-01-16 11.29.40d resetting it for me which worked.  Great service!

I think the building it is in used to be a house, so it is also really cute inside.  Possibly maybe even a historic one?? (Maybe some of the local readers can comment on this for me!)  There are a couple houses on the same block as Just Us that have little signs saying they are historic properties so who knows…

2013-01-16 12.03.47

They also have lots of cool little things in here – old fireplaces, wooden room divider screens, a collection of encyclopedia britannica, a wooden elephant, and lots of other little “cultural” decor items.  Which, if you know me or have ever seen how I like to decorate things, you would know I love!  Yep I am sitting next to this elephant right now wondering where I can get one. And/or whether they would notice if I walked out the door with a 2 foot tall, 3 foot long wooden elephant…just kidding!  Well about stealing it.  But I do want to get one for myself still.  Gill can we get one, please, please, please??

Ah, and to better support my Canadian education let me revise that to a 1/2 m tall, 1 m long wooden elephant (approximately…)

Later that day, while waiting in the snow for the bus...

Later that day, while waiting in the snow for the bus…


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