Halifax in the winter :)

Congratulations and great job to Dal’s industrial engineering students who made this video!


Snow Blind

Today in the middle of the day it started flurrying then eventually started gathering on the ground until the point that when I got on the bus just after 5 pm traffic was crawling along slowly over snow covered roads that appeared slippery. When it started I was a bit surprised but it was more of a “oh…it’s snowing.I didn’t realize it was supposed to snow today” reaction.  My first thought was just Continue reading

Dear Halifax,

Please set up a gluten free bakery between my house and the Dalhousie campus, preferably serving GF muffins, bagels, and other yummy breakfast treats in the morning with with fresh baked breads, pizza crusts, and cookies for me to pick up for dinner on my way home.  I will be your best customer, I promise!  That is all.



March: comes in like a lion and out like…a lamb?

Well, it has been white and fluffy – I will give it that.  But I have to say this is quite possibly the most ferocious lamb I have ever dealt with.

IMG_20140326_130534350 IMG_20140326_192740634 IMG_20140326_192918753


Stuck cars outside my house on the morning of March 27th



Following a school-closing, 30 cm (12 inch) snowstorm on March 26th, we rolled into April “showers” with


Our surprise April “wintry mix” rain and snow storm

rain that melted all the snow followed by freezing rain followed by an unexpected two days worth of snow.  We’ll see what kind of flowers May brings!


In addition I’ve been super busy with school stuff – teaching, getting some research done for conferences, and starting to get moving with my PhD proposal…hence the lack of posts on kerryincanada – so that has also made March overall more lion-like than lamb-y.  My teaching responsibilities are wrapping up soon though so hopefully that will make things a little more relaxed!


The Canadian solution to under-cheesed nachos



Hi everyone,

Sorry I just accidentally published something (The start of Christmas) I meant to save as a draft.  It has been changed back to a draft but for those of you subscribed to the emails who got a version of it in your inbox… if you don’t want to spoil it, don’t read all the notes yet!

Thanks again!



Changes at Kerry in Canada

You may notice some changes have occurred recently at Kerry in Canada. You can now look up topics by category, search, or read about specific characters and topics (check out the “cast of characters” page for their pictures). Additionally, now most posts will only show a small blurb on home page with a link to continue reading the full post. I hope these changes will make the blog easier to navigate. Happy reading and as always, thanks for your support!