Snow Blind

Today in the middle of the day it started flurrying then eventually started gathering on the ground until the point that when I got on the bus just after 5 pm traffic was crawling along slowly over snow covered roads that appeared slippery. When it started I was a bit surprised but it was more of a “oh…it’s snowing.I didn’t realize it was supposed to snow today” reaction.  My first thought was just hmm, maybe I should have worn my ski jacket (which is waterproof) rather than my wool coat (which is not), similar to how I would have thought oh, I guess I should have worn my raincoat on a day when it started raining.  Like “Oops, it’s raining, I wore the wrong jacket today” – a disinterested oops I should have checked the weather.

The weather here is funny, it snows to the point that we have snow covered ground, sticks around for a few days, then a warm or especially sunny stretch will come along and melt all the snow. So it will then be clear for a few days then the process will repeat. In some ways I think I have become somewhat immune to snow. Is not necessarily expected or unexpected, it just happens sometimes so it just “is”… Hmm maybe I’ve been doing too much yoga… At home in Philly, or especially at school in North Carolina at Duke, snow was an exciting, rare adventure. Then I had the opposite in Colorado, where I worked in Vail for a year, we got snow at the beginning of the winter which then just stuck around. So sometimes we would get more but it wasn’t this sometimes we have it sometimes we don’t thing like there is here. The snow thaw process seems to have made me immune to snow to the point that my main thoughts are related to what type of shoes, jacket, hat, glides I should have worn that day and how long it will take to get home. If you don’t like the snow, don’t worry it will melt soon. If you love snow, don’t worry we’ll get more soon. We’ll see how long this snow sticks around for…

P.S. on a semi related note regarding waterproof outerwear, on the advice of my friend and fellow phd student Elise, I decided to invest this year in a waterproof cover for my backpack. I recently switched from my old North Face one I got before starting college (almost a ten years stint now!) to a new Timbuk2 one that is water resistant but not water proof. Since it seems to rain and snow a lot here… guess that is what happens when you live on the coast… and since I am often carrying my laptop in my backpack, I wanted it to be actually waterproof. So this cover folds up into a little attached bag and I just keep it in my backpack for rainy/snowy days. So now that’s another thought that goes through my head when it precipitates… Is it wet enough out that I should have put that on? Anyway I highly recommend it… Here’s the one I got but I’m sure many other places have similar ones:… And now my backpack has a little raincoat all its own.

P.P.S. In the time it took me to write this on the bus I’ve slowly crawled along home. The trip usually takes 15-20 minutes walking and now it’s just been almost 15 on the bus… Just to give some context as to the slow snow traffic… Good bye bus and other snow-weary or snow-blind travelers…




2 thoughts on “Snow Blind

  1. Christina costello January 23, 2015 at 7:14 pm Reply

    Don’t ever become snow blind…snow is magical!! 😊❄️❄️⛄️

  2. barry January 29, 2015 at 2:12 pm Reply

    You should bring all your jackets when you leave the house.

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