Don’t you love when that happens?

On Thursday, we went out to Niche for happy hour drinks to celebrate my labmate Sean’s successful masters defense from this past Tuesday.  Niche happens to have great deals on drinks and apps for their happy “hour” which lasts from 4 pm to close every day and has $3.25 drafts and well shots with $4 house wines (and even a martini deal).  And the nachos, perogies, potato skins, herb & garlic crust, and calamari appetizers are half price from 4-6:30 pm – YUM!

I started out with a glass of the red wine – which came out in a giant glass – and we ordered some nachos to split.  Niche has a great outdoor seating area and it happened to be a beautiful sunny day (although for me it was still a little on the cold-ish side for mid-August, this is Canada after all).  The only two downsides to their patio are that it is located right on the corner of Barrington and Spring Garden Streets, two of the busiest streets in Halifax, so it is a little loud, and secondly, due to the poorly designed buildings in the area, it happens to sit right in the middle of a giant wind tunnel.

I had a couple sips of my wine (which was surprisingly tasty for a house merlot) and was enjoying the conversation when out of nowhere, a giant gust of wind came racing across the patio, whipped up the laminated menu off the table, blowing it across to crash into my mostly-full goblet of wine, which subsequently dumped the entire contents into my lap.

After one of those awkward pauses, where no one moved for about 30 seconds while they tried to figure out how to react (including me), a waitress finally brought me an entire roll of paper towels.

But, in the words of Islay, who photo documented the clean up:

Red wine tries to demolish Kerry in Canada’s dress, but to the wine’s remorse the dress came prepared.

IMG_4221 IMG_4222 IMG_4223


Somehow, the dress ended up being the perfect color to absorb red wine (and with the bright sunshine, it dried completely in about ten minutes).  Luckily I had switched into the dress right before we left work where I had been wearing a light colored t-shirt and shorts so I could be a subject in someone’s pilot experiment.  And the very very best part??  I had only paid $6.90 US for this Lauren Conrad dress at my local Kohl’s Department store when I bought it a year or two ago.  Love Kohl’s and their “extra % off” already clearance items, with coupons in the mail all the time, and extrabucks rewards for you to use the next time you come in!


So despite the fact that an entire glass of wine was dumped on my dress (notice the size of the wine goblets in the last picture?), I think this was by far the least traumatic red wine spill experience I have ever had.  I didn’t even have to break out the salt.  I think I will now be consciously wearing this dress anytime I expect there to be red wine in my vicinity.


What’s better than a great bargain?

A great bargain that also miraculously repels stains!



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