Atlantic Cup Field Hockey

This post is dedicated to one of my best fans, Islay, who keeps reminding me about how little I’ve posted recently!

I’ve been filling some of my time this summer playing field hockey through an adult co-ed league with Field Hockey Nova Scotia, and have re-discovered how much I like field hockey after 8 years of not playing.  Back in the day, I had bought a state of the art stick in high school – apparently no one uses wooden sticks anymore so I don’t think my team thought I looked too promising when I showed up the first day.  But it came back quickly and I am slowly getting back into shape again too.

This past weekend was a long weekend for the Monday holiday, Natal Day, which is to celebrate Halifax’s birthday.  In Philadelphia we just get our birthday and the country’s over within one day: 4th of July, aka Independence Day.  But, hey, I’m not going to complain about a holiday.  For this weekend, the regular field hockey league takes a break and there is a field hockey tournament called the Atlantic Cup.

We started off the weekend with a golf tournament on Friday at Lost Creek Golf Club (yes, you heard correctly, a golf tournament for a field hockey tournament – what else?).  I invited my old roomie, Gillian, and was very pleased that I was able to keep up with her in terms of my golf game since she is a member at the course we went to, I’ve only played 9 holes x 3 in the past 3 years, and the clubs I rented only included a driver (which I can’t hit well), a putter, and 6-9 irons.  I’m going to credit my field hockey swing for allowing me to use the 6 off the tee well and still pull off a 122 with a couple pars mixed in there (yes, yes, I need to work on both my driving and my consistency).  I do have my own golf clubs too but they are still in Pennsylvania hanging out in my parents basement.  We played with a couple guys (Clive and Andy) who were part of the Andrews family “A-team” field hockey team.  The A-team is basically what it would be like if we took the whole Johnson side of the family and made a field hockey team out of it (and everyone was really good at field hockey).  They’ve won the tournament for I think maybe the last six years or so.  And now the grandkids are growing up so the team is just getting bigger.  After the tournament most of us went out to Boston Pizza (really close to where I used to live in Sackville – I actually used to run by this place all the time) and I was super excited to find that they had both gluten free pastas and pizza!  I got a delicious pesto pizza.

Friday night I went to bed early to wake up with my game face on nice and early Saturday morning for our three Saturday games.  I joined the Panthers team for the weekend because my usual Ramblers team wasn’t participating in the tournament.  The Panthers is on top of our regular league but two of them are really Andrews so it was still a good team but missing two of the top players – but they had me, right?!?!  We beat a good team from Ottawa in the morning, lost to the A-team, and then beat the Dragons team (mostly St. Mary’s University’s regular team with a few extras including Ann who was visiting for the weekend from Cornell’s team).  This put us in 2nd place going into the Sunday playoffs regardless of whether or not we won our last round robin game Sunday morning against the Diablos.  And that was good because, as is customary for Atlantic Cup (or so I hear), Saturday night is usually a huge party and the teams are lucky to have their players wake up in time for the Sunday games.  I didn’t want to disappoint so after the tournament social at the Argyle Bar I proceeded to accompany the younger members of our Panthers team (there were only 5 of us who were under 50) and a group of the Dragons to Boomers for drinking and dancing until 3 in the morning.

Despite the rumor going around, the half of a black eye I had on Sunday was not from the night out but instead from our last game on Sunday where I got hit with a stick in the last 30 seconds.  I’m promoting the story that I head-butted Leigh’s stick out of the way so that I could steal the ball from her but I actually don’t know what happened except that I stole the ball in the end and look like I couldn’t figure out how to do a smoky eye so just gave up and didn’t bother with make-up on the other side.

Initially...the colors Duke the colors! (5 points to anyone who remembers that commercial)

Initially…the colors Duke the colors! (5 points to anyone who remembers that commercial)

And, almost a week later...

And, almost a week later…

I did manage to drag myself out of bed at 9 am the next morning for our Diablos game but needless to say, our team was hurting (the older group had also been up late drinking) and were trying to save ourselves for the playoff games so we lost 2-0 with JP (of the Panthers team) contributing one of the Diablos goals…ooops…

We then went on to play the Ottawa team in the semifinals of the playoffs (2nd vs. 3rd) and lost to them as well.  They had finally figured out how to play on our turf (the kind with all the little black rubber pieces in it) and we forget to get them intoxicated the night before to help our chances on Sunday.  But it worked out well anyway because it was fun to be drinking ciders with the other two teams while watching the championship game from the bleachers.  There is a fair amount of heckling that goes on for that game so it was quite entertaining.  Despite a promising 2-0 lead in the beginning of the game for the Ottawa team (which included a few of my Ramblers teammates), the A-team came back to win in overtime and continue the dynasty.

But, happy Andrews means good times for the rest of us too as we were all invited over Sharon and Mal’s house for a pizza party after the tournament Sunday and I was also invited to the Andrews family cabin for hanging out on Monday as well.

It turned out I was actually invited to a wedding – which Hillary neglected to tell me when she invited me but luckily I found out when I picked up Rachel on my way over because I was wearing a bathing suit, shorts, and a tank top with some boat shoes.  Thankfully Rachel only lives around the corner from me so we ran back to my house for a 30-second change into wedding attire (there was nothing to be done for my lack of showering that morning, makeup, perfume, or well-matched accessories).  And going along with the not telling me that I was going to a wedding, Hillary didn’t tell me what time it started until we were already on our way over.  We also had trouble finding the house (thanks to the older gentleman walking down the road who nicely told us we were on the wrong road).  So we showed up just in time for “I now would like to officially introduce, for the first time as a couple…” and were handed rice to throw.  It was a pretty casual wedding so no one was too upset (and hey, I was basically crashing this thing anyway).  After pictures,  and a hotdog/hamburger/French fry/quinoa/Caesar salad dinner with drinks out of an old canoe filled with ice (so sad I didn’t get a picture of this!), we had a few heated games of beach volleyball (my second worst sport after tennis – Barry, you know what I am talking about), fireworks (can’t believe no one died or was seriously injured), and a bonfire, getting me home at about 1:15 in the morning.

But honestly, after all the excitement last weekend, I just can’t imagine that this one will feel like anything other than a dud.

Missing my first Atlantic Cup already!!!


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2 thoughts on “Atlantic Cup Field Hockey

  1. Christina Costello August 14, 2013 at 9:32 pm Reply

    Bet you had no idea how fun field hockey was in Canada!!

  2. kerryco64 August 14, 2013 at 11:28 pm Reply

    I forgot how fun field hockey was until I tried it again this summer! It’s great!

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