Happy Canada Day!

Overall, the Canada Day long weekend turned out to not be super exciting for me (lots of people went away and the plans I had made with people who were here didn’t work out).  So mostly I stayed at home alone all weekend except for babysitting for my advisor’s grandson for 8 hours on Sunday night.  By the way, people here do NOT pay as well for good childcare as they do in the US.  It seems the average here for someone like me (educated, almost 27 year old with 15 years of babysitting experience including kids with special needs, allergies, etc. who will actually play with your children rather than sit them in front of a TV) is only $10-12/hour whereas at home in the US I was making $14-20/hour and in Philadelphia the cost of living is lower…but that’s another story.

At 3 pm today I decided I was tired of sitting around doing nothing so I was going to go downtown and see the Citadel – which was free today for Canada Day.  Plus the rain that had been going on all weekend had finally stopped and a little sunshine was trying to peek through the clouds.  I’m glad I went because it ended up being pretty cool with great views, historical re-enactors, etc. and I even treated myself to a tea in the little coffee shop, but I think it would have been more fun with someone else.  It was a little awkward when I walked into the fort rooms by myself and the actors had to give their spiel just to me, especially since a lot of the guys seemed to be about my age and had to remain in character.  Also, a family asked me to take a picture for them and then as I was getting ready to take it, someone else walked up and asked if we wanted one of all of us.  So I had to explain that no, I wasn’t part of their family, but thanks anyway for the offer.  I skipped out on the fireworks tonight since I couldn’t find anyone to go with and had already been downtown today but I haven’t heard them since I’ve been home.  I thought I might be able to with my windows open but no such luck.  Apparently Canada Day is not as big a celebration as the 4th of July.  (Ahhhhh, Narberth fireworks, I miss you!)

2013-07-01 16.27.50 2013-07-01 16.27.592013-07-01 16.52.34

2013-07-01 16.53.26  2013-07-01 16.36.41

Also I am a little disappointed about the lack of sparklers on Canada Day.  I did, however, see a lot of people wearing red, and I myself sported my little Canadian flag pin that I got at International Student Orientation at Dal.  I think next year I will have to check out the parade and try to get myself invited to a BBQ and then maybe I’ll feel a little more Canadian spirit!

2013-07-01 16.52.02

Where they put the drunk and disorderly soldiers… who apparently were then usually put on sentry duty since it was the most boring job

2013-07-01 16.23.42

Impressive engineering – rolling cannons!

2013-07-01 16.37.35 2013-07-01 16.33.52 2013-07-01 16.27.22 2013-07-01 16.26.24

I did get to see a bagpiper on my trip as well so that was pretty exciting and apparently very Nova-Scotian (they have a lot of Scottish roots).

And actually as I am writing this I think I do hear the faint sound of fireworks!

In case you were wondering, yes I will proudly be wearing red, white, AND blue on Thursday for the real holiday, even if I don’t get the day off work and they did the fireworks show a few days too early.  U…S….A….U…S…A….U….S….A!  But I guess Canada is nice too. 🙂  So Happy Canada Day!



2 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Kate July 3, 2013 at 2:37 pm Reply

    I’m not sure Nola likes bagpipes too much. She seems awfully confused by their sound. Funny to watch her though 🙂

    • kerryco64 July 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm Reply

      Aww I miss Nola! Give her a pet for me!

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