Hello Halifax!

So, I am way late on this one but I finally moved into the city of Halifax (not just the greater Halifax area known as the Halifax Regional Municipality, HRM, which always reminds me of boats – I think it’s the HMS whatever – her majesty’s ship thing – her majesty’s city of Halifax??) on Friday, April 31st.  I had been bringing in loads of stuff each day to store in our shared graduate student office and brought two bigger loads in on Friday (in the morning and afternoon) – thanks to Gillian, Sean, and Dianne for help in unloading! And also to the other lab members that helped bring in some of my stuff to the office!

Sadly, Gillian and I had to say goodbye to being each other’s roommates.  We do still work together and share an office so it’s not too terribly sad.  We decided it will also be sort of a trial separation before she moves out to Vancouver for her post-doc position in the fall.  My cat, Dwayne, was getting a little stressed seeing all of our stuff going out the door during the week while he was still being left at home, but I think Gill’s cat Hunter was getting more and more excited about the fact that Dwayne was going to be moving out.  But Gill and I think Hunter will miss his new friend Poncho, who he was starting to get along well with despite Dwayne’s attempts to sabotage the friendship.

We decided to make a roomie “last supper” together on Thursday before I moved and cooked a vegan stir-fry dish that we had also made gluten-free (by using rice noodles and Tamari sauce).  This was the very first meal we had together when I stayed with Gillian during my interview/visit to the school last September so we felt it was appropriate.  We also got a nice (but relatively inexpensive) bottle of white wine to go with our meal.  Thanks to the NSLC employee for the suggestion – you were right, it was pretty tasty and a good match for the meal.

2013-05-30 19.23.55 2013-05-30 19.23.57   2013-05-30 19.38.46 2013-05-30 19.38.52

Yum, yum, yum!  The only problem with this dish is that it is one of those ones that you want to keep eating and eating and eating even when you are full because it is so delicious.  So usually I have to roll around on the floor a little afterwards until I digest some.  It also makes great leftovers for lunch the next day (if there is any left).

Apparently the recipe came from a magazine but I think that I will always call it Gill’s stir fry:2013-05-30 19.24.08

Despite the fact that I am very sad to not have my awesome roomie anymore, I am loving my new place (and my less than 20 minute walk to work!).  It is technically a bachelor apartment but it is in an older home that has been made into apartments, which has really high ceilings.  There is a loft area in the living room for a double sized mattress so my bed is not right in the middle of everything.  It also has a separate kitchen with an exposed brick column, a clawfoot bathtub/shower, hard wood floors, and a (non-working? – I am checking on this) fireplace in the living room.  And it has nice big windows in all the rooms that let in tons of light and are nice for the cats to look out!

I also am in walking distance to the grocery store, liquor store, library, dollar store, St. Mary’s University (where I have my field hockey practices/games), and lots more!  Hooray for city living!

Oh, and I almost forgot…My friend Amanda presented me with my first housewarming gift this weekend – remember the fluff and wood lion from the camping trip that I had picked out as my “I would buy you if…” souvenir?? – well now he is sitting on my shelf in the kitchen supervising my cooking (and trying to not get eaten by my much larger house cats).  She was apparently very sneaky and had bought it for me while we were leaving the store.  Thanks Amanda! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Hello Halifax!

  1. Ken Barkey June 10, 2013 at 9:34 am Reply

    Hi Kerry…. The graphical presentation of the dish seems awesome… would love if you could share the recipe with others….

    • kerryco64 June 10, 2013 at 9:37 am Reply

      Hi Ken, The recipe is in one of the pictures. It is from a magazine article that my roommate had. Enjoy!

      • Ken Barkey June 11, 2013 at 4:41 am

        althought the picture is not much clear but thank you i had find it in Google Images…

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