Easter Sunrise at Point Pleasant Park

Thanks to the Halifax Baptist/Presbyterian churches for getting me at 5:30 am on a chilly Sunday morning (well 4:30 really, I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep) for this…

2013-03-31 06.50.58

2013-03-31 06.52.33

2013-03-31 07.00.11 2013-03-31 07.12.50  2013-03-31 07.17.34

2013-03-31 06.51.10

One of the cats of Point Pleasant Park (apparently there is a group of ladies who take turns feeding them all year).

My friend, Trish, and I followed this up with a little breakfast at Tim Horton’s (notice the de-glutening of the breakfast sandwich – I had ordered a breakfast wrap with no cheese which would have been much easier but this is what I got so I had to make do).  Bacon and egg patty…yum! And another loss on the roll…

2013-03-31 07.51.41 2013-03-31 07.51.45

Now, I’m having my first study session at the Killam library after which I will be joining with some Wanderers for a walk along the waterfront since it is expected to be another beautiful sunny day today.



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