Ecco la biblioteca!

Yep, pulling out a little high school Italian here in honor of my newest adventure.  It doesn’t have anything to do with Italian, and could possibly be considered as having something to do with learning/academics, but mostly I will use it for entertainment…

I got a library card for the Halifax public libraries!  I love libraries and really like reading for fun although I wish I had more time for it than I do.  These days I end up reading a lot more journal articles and textbooks than fiction.  I especially love libraries that have a whole bunch of branches where you can request books from the other branches to be delivered to your branch, you can check out books at other branches if you happen to be in the area, and you can return books at any branch.  And the little (not really) library all the way out in tiny (it’s not), old (I don’t think so) Sackville happens to be a branch of the Halifax public libraries system.

So today I finally went and got my library card.  I was lucky that I had recently gone to trade in my US drivers license for a Nova Scotia one because I need to have two pieces of ID, one with my current address on it – NS license and student ID – check!

And now I have a library card. And I even got to pick from six different designs.  I decided to go with the city skyline with the boat on it:

2013-03-01 23.19.01

I didn’t get any books yet, and unfortunately, even though they do offer e-reader books I don’t think they have them in Kindle format.  I’ve seen a lot of people here reading Kobos on the bus instead – apparently from a Canadian bookstore called Chapters.  Gillian was trying to ask me if we have chapters in the US and I was very confused and tried to explain to her that all over the world it is common for books to be divided into segments called chapters.  I still haven’t given up hope on Kindle format books as I would like to use the great Christmas gift my sisters got me.  My usual backup plan is to get them from teh Vail library because my library card there doesn’t expire until my driver’s license would have expired, giving me at least a few more years but I seem to have misplaced my Vail library card number so I can’t use that to get Kindle books anymore.  I think I will try asking the librarians the next time I go as they were very helpful and nice – of course, it’s Canada after all – when I was getting my library card.

The other thing I am excited about, which I discovered a few years ago, is that libraries rent DVDs – for free!  Another reason why blockbuster is probably going out of business… So the next time when I am looking for something that the Canadian Netflix doesn’t have – any James Bond movie, any of them, really, c’mon Canada! – I think I will check the library!


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