American football in Canada (again) – ladies tackling!

I went with my friend Dianne to an information session for a women’s tackle football team yesterday.  I had avoided seriously playing football in all my years living in the US because I thought the whole Powder Puff football thing was a little wimpy.  Where was title 9 on that one?  No tackle because we’re girls? what? I did agree to playing co-ed flag football with our graduate student BME team at Virginia Tech – for which my nose is ever so slightly crooked for…

So Dianne told me about how there is a team here called the Halifax Xplosion, which is in a ladies’ tackle league.  I decided to go to the info session thinking this would be a great way for me to meet new people other than those I work with, get some exercise, and have something else to do with my time!  Despite these all being things my parents have hinted that they want for me, they didn’t seem too excited about the idea of me playing tackle football.

Well…Mom, Dad… you will be happy – it turns out football will be too expensive of a sport for me to play.  The insurance + refs, fields, etc. costs $250 for the season, and the team splits travel costs – which are probably a lot being that this is the only team in Nova Scotia, so every other weekend they are driving to New Brunswick for Saturday games.  Despite the fact that they can offer a payment plan ($75 to cover insurance by the first practice in March, the rest in any installments you want until all is due by the first game in May), they apparently don’t offer any form of scholarships (yes, I did ask – for which the response was, “no, we’re way too broke for that”) and since I had only $100 to live on for this past month after paying all my bills I can’t really justify spending this much money on a sport in which I could possibly get hurt and end up having to pay additional money towards medical bills.  But it looks like Dianne will still be playing so I can be a great cheerleader!

However, being at an information session in which I was instructed on the positions and rules of football and the ideas of being part of a team and committing to a sport (a little elementary for an American who had played division I sports in college) I was really missing lacrosse.  So, next up, trying (again) to locate an adult women’s lacrosse league in the greater Halifax area or, if nothing else, maybe a part time coaching job for a local high school team (lacrosse plus help with my finances, yes please!)…If anyone has any leads, let me know!


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