Kerry and the chocolate factory

Okay, so this post is actually about coffee and a certain Canadian traditional game.  But the experience I had was reminiscent of Charlie and his love of Willy Wonka candy, and my current financial situation probably helped that along too.

I have developed a love for Tim Horton’s french vanilla cappuccino (very similar to Wawa french vanilla, and similarly priced if you ignore the fact that things are more expensive here in general).  I think most of my fellow graduate students and co-workers prefer Just Us coffee.  I also like their coffees but usually end up spending $5 – $7 there on a latte and gluten-free treat so don’t want to go too often.  However, I recently noticed more and more of my co-workers coming back to the office and lab with Tim Horton’s beverages and was informed that it is that wonderful time of the year called “Roll up the rim” where you can play and win great prizes from Tim Horton’s like free coffee, treats, and even money, a grill, or a new car.

2013-02-19 11.16.04 2013-02-19 11.16.15 2013-02-19 11.16.22

Despite the advertised “1 in 6 wins a prize,” I watched one after another of them unfurl the rim of their paper cups to a disappointing please play again.  I had actually purchased a can of the Tim Horton’s french vanilla powder (like hot cocoa mix) at the grocery store a couple weeks ago in an attempt to still enjoy my Tims without having to pay $2 per enjoyment.  But I decided that I would have to splurge to try my luck at a Tim’s golden ticket (ok, so again, it’s not really a golden ticket but reminded me of the movie).  I finally got my chance when Dianne offered to grab a drink for Sean and I when she stopped at Tim Horton’s on her way back from an errand.  While I slowly enjoyed my french vanilla, trying to savor the moment, Sean finished his and received a please play again.  Dianne did as well, leaving me to be one of the remaining four in our group of six (1 in 6 wins, right?).  I knew I was going to win!  And I had a plan figured out where if I couldn’t accept my prize because I am not a Canadian citizen, I would have Dianne accept it for me and we would figure out a way to split the winnings – depending on the prize of course.

I finally finished my drink and now came the moment of truth.  Sean instructed me on the proper Canadian way to roll up the rim – press in first with your thumbs as you hold the back of the empty cup with your fingers, then under the rim and slowly roll – and I held my breath.

2013-02-19 11.17.15 2013-02-19 11.17.18 2013-02-19 11.17.19 2013-02-19 11.17.23

And what did it say?  What did I win?…

2013-02-19 11.18.24

…To my great dismay, please play again

2013-02-19 11.18.30

After that I experienced what Sean calls “rim rage,” slam dunking my losing cup into the trash can with a satisfying sounding crash.

2013-02-19 11.18.45

But then I remembered, Charlie didn’t win on his first try either!  So now I just need to keep my eye out for a $2 coin in the gutter.  I am going to find that golden ticket.


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3 thoughts on “Kerry and the chocolate factory

  1. Maureen February 20, 2013 at 4:34 pm Reply

    one of the best posts thus far! I would go so far as saying that everyone is a winner, because you’re drinking Tim Horton’s! I think their French Vanilla Cappuccinos are what we drank on our vacation up to Nova Scotia–delicious!

  2. Mom February 21, 2013 at 7:22 am Reply

    Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.
    Charlie Bucket: What happened?
    Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after!

    Hope you win though I think you’ll live happily ever after regardless (-:

  3. Katelyn February 21, 2013 at 5:02 pm Reply

    This is perfectly hysterical. I thought you were going to win this time around! you got my hope up!

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