Happy Valentine’s Day

Although I am not a big believer of Valentine’s Day being a holiday, I decided it was a good reason to try out a new “accessory” that I had impulse bought in the US back in December.  I wanted to bring some joy to people (or at least make them laugh) by wearing my “poof” headband:

2013-02-14 09.04.46

Valentine’s Self Portrait by Kerry Costello

Caution: Fluffiness is larger than it appears in picture…

I had gone for a morning swim at the Dalplex (school gym) and although I was kind of embarassed to walk around in public like this I decided to just go for it.  I mean what do I care what people here think of me – I don’t know that many of them yet anyway!

I snapped this picture as I was walking back from swimming to my office to send to my family.  A couple minutes later a woman rushed up behind me to say “I love your fascinator, it’s beautiful!” – oh yeah, I guess that is what they are called.  I thanked her and told her I was wearing it because I thought it would be good for Valentine’s Day to which she replied “It makes me happy.”  So it worked!  I brought some Valentine’s day joy to at least one person!

I didn’t get any more comments from random people despite the relatively large proportion of time I spent in public today compared to normal days (doctor’s visit at Dal health center, quick errand to the student union building, bus trip in town, etc).  But I am hoping it made at least a few other people smile – even if they were laughing at me.  My office mates and other BME friends seem to like it too – although a few of them thought I was getting married?????  I also wore my heart socks that my aunt Donna gave me a few years ago as another little festive v-day accessory to go with my black shirt and jeans.

I did receive two valentine’s gifts today – one from Gillian (to help me proclaim my love for french vanilla) and one from my parents (so I have something to wear tomorrow!  Just kidding.  well, I probably will wear my new shirt tomorrow so not really).  Thank you – I loved them both!

2013-02-14 14.09.30

2013-02-14 18.27.25

Not having anyone special I was spending this Valentine’s day with (well besides my favorite roomie and favorite cat roomies), I decided it would be a good excuse to splurge a little on myself despite my current financial situation by stopping at the NSLC for some wine and Sobey’s for some groceries.  And anyway, it would be hard to beat my last Valentine’s day which included a little ice skating on the lake (or large pond) in Avon – although I do still have to try out the Halifax oval…  But I got myself a few treats and started off with a little appetizer (rice crackers with cheese) and happy hour:

2013-02-14 18.00.04

Happy hour also includes listening to a playlist I made for today – a mix of some of my  favorites: Mumford and Sons, Brett Dennen, Ryan Adams, Of Monsters and Men, Matt Hires, Richard Thompson, Iron and Wine, Sean Hayes, etc; some classic awesomeness: Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison; and a few new favorites and others mixed in just for fun: Passion Pit, Ben Howard, the Black Keys, Glasvegas, G. Love and Special Sauce, Sir Mix a Lot, Thievery Corp., and Gucci Mane.  Yes I did put all those on the same playlist and it works, believe me!  I did take a few days to get it all together so it better.  Anyway, I think it’s awesome.

Up next is the rest of my groceries (depending on how much I feel like cooking…).  I got/had ingredients to make gluten-free corn pasta (pronounced PA – sta, like a true American, not past – a, like my Canadian comrades) with tomato sauce, and gluten-free meatballs (gluten-free bread crumbs, egg, beef, and spices), zucchini (very difficult to find good ones at this time of year), and some iceberg lettuce for a salad with ranch dressing (oh so American of me).  As of now I am planning to have all of this on the menu – and the great tunes are keeping me motivated – but we will see how much of it I get to once I decide it’s dinner time.  I’ll update with a picture once I get everything together.

Possibly there will also be some Netflix watching of How I Met Your Mother, and some yahoo games – specifically the daily crossword and cubis (with the sound off).

So, happy valentine’s day to all of you – I love you for supporting my blog and reading all my posts! ❤



Finally made some dinner…

I didn’t get around to making the salad, and the zucchini got a little on the crispy side as I was working on the meatballs, but everything tastes delicious!

2013-02-14 20.55.12 2013-02-14 20.55.18 2013-02-14 21.05.39



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