Canadian tax and adult beverages

2013-01-12 17.36.32

Ahh, gotta love the 15% tax in Canada, especially when they add tax on top of that for special items like gas and alcohol.  I have been told that this 15% includes national and provincial (or maybe it was city? I forget) taxes though so it might be cheaper in other areas of Canada.

But I was thirsty so I bought something anyway.  I decided to go with the big bottle because it was a better price per liter.  But I do feel a little strange having spent $45 on whiskey just for myself (Gillian is not a fan).

On Friday I am going to a presentation being held by the international student center about taxes and the possibility for international students to get some sort of money back as a “tax subsidy.”  So maybe I’ll get some money to put towards my Kerry travel fund!


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