A new beginning

I decided tonight to not be homesick anymore.  I still miss everyone from home but I am ready to embrace living here for real!  So I went out and bought lightbulbs to replace the hall light (apparently that burned out two days after Gill moved in this past fall) and my bedroom light (which had burned out a couple days ago).  I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to get the globe off of the lights to get to the bulbs because I had tried that yesterday with no luck and apparently the landlords forgot when I called them to ask.  One of our landlords finally showed up tonight apologizing for not getting around to it yesterday but I had already gotten everything fixed up.  And I bought the lightbulbs at Dollarama so they were cheap!  I also bought a new notebook and started reading the papers I am supposed to be reading for my EMG course.  And reading for real – taking notes and everything like a good student.  I had been procrastinating because I haven’t been in school for almost two years now and I have already learned this material.  So it was a little bit of a struggle to get back into it.  But it is a good review and writing down some notes as I read will help me refresh my memory.

I also broke into my large bottle of Jamison for a little nightcap which helped a little as well 🙂

So tomorrow, working on some more reading, class in the afternoon, maybe even a little yoga at some point, and generally working towards my potentially impossible goal of 3.3 years.

I am also going to try to meet with the graduate student coordinator.  There is a small chance that I might only have to take two courses because I got a MSc in BME, rather than the four courses usually required for a BME PhD here.  It might be only for students who got their master’s at Dal but fingers crossed…I am hoping that this works out so that my impossible goal might be a little more possible.

A PhD usually takes four (and for some people, sometimes up to seven) years, so three and a half is pretty quick.  But if I finish in May of 2016 I will be done just a couple months before my 30th birthday which I figure is a good goal to have.

So, although I loved spending the last eight months hanging out with my parents, babysitting, and valet parking (my two favorite jobs ever), it’s time to get back on track with my career plan!  Well, at least the next step – still working on the end goal of the plan.

Woo hoo!  Motivation!

Happy Monday everyone – hope I can pass on some motivation to you for the rest of your week!


One thought on “A new beginning

  1. Mom January 16, 2013 at 12:24 am Reply

    The “home” misses you )-:

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