Canadian Hockeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Tonight I had my very first experience with Canadian hockey.  Gillian and I went to a Mooseheads game!


The game started off pretty slow with Halifax going down 2-0 in the first period.  But the Mooseheads rallied to win 4-3 in the end, which was good since Gill told me they are ranked #1 in Canada right now.


The best part of the game was probably during the break between the first and second periods when the 3-4 year old “Timbits” came out to play a little game on the ice.

I also thought it was pretty funny to see how they put lids on the beer and mixed drink cups.  Sippee cups for adults!  But then again if you are trying to carry two beers through a crowded arena (and I did see a few people doing this) I guess it makes sense.

Gillian demonstrating how Canadians drink beer at a hockey game:


We are going to try to buy our tickets earlier next time so we can get a little better seats.

I will be back Mooseheads!

Go Moose Go!


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