No reason is not a reason

Being new to the area and not knowing too many people here yet I have been thinking about some friends from home.  I had a great idea while shopping at Dollarama (my new favorite store for bargain shopping – well after thrift stores, of course)…I would get a greeting card to send to one of my friends.  One of those cute, no particular reason, thinking of you cards.  Turns out there weren’t any in Dollarama, although they did have about 1000 Valentine’s day cards, and even a few New Year’s cards, along with the usual birthday, get well, sympathy, and wedding cards.  Not too concerned yet, I continued my shopping expedition at Walmart where I was picking up a few different things for my new home.  This time there were three different aisles of cards – Perfect!  But after looking through all three aisles, still no “thinking of you” cards except for the sympathy and valentine’s day cards – not what I was looking for.  So it turns out that in Canada you can’t send a card unless you have a reason.


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